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Register now with your local civil legal aid program to BE ONE to donate legal services. Join us as we work toward the 2013 KBA Convention public service project by participating and donating your legal services. Look for the KBA mailings to learn more.

That’s ONE attorney helping ONE client pro bono. Be One.

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About KyVLP

The Kentucky Volunteer Lawyer Program (KyVLP) is the state's first pro bono development project initiated to increase, strengthen and expand pro bono efforts on a statewide basis. In 2005, the Kentucky Bar Association and the Kentucky Supreme Court approved the project to address the growing need for civil legal aid assistance to citizens who can not otherwise afford legal help. Studies showed that at least 80% of the civil legal needs of low-income citizens are not being met and, for those who seek legal aid, 50% of income- eligible citizens are turned away because of limited staff and financial resources.

With funding support primarily from the KBA, the KyVLP will strive to meet the legal needs of income-eligible citizens. KyVLP's campaign to "Change the World in 50 Hours" references our aspirational goal of 50 hours of pro bono legal services each year pursuant to Kentucky Supreme Court Rule 3.130(6.1). The rule encourages lawyers to donate at least 50 hours per calendar year of professional legal services to persons of limited means, and/or financial support for organizations whose overall mission and activities are to provide legal assistance to those of limited means.

Information is now available online to help guide volunteer lawyers with their pro bono obligations. Consider signing up as a volunteer. Signing up will allow you to receive emails about people needing help in your geographic and practice area. When you're ready and have the time on your schedule, you can take a case. One hour at a time you can help improve access to civil legal services for low- income Kentuckians and make a difference in their lives.

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