Kentucky Volunteer Lawyer Program


The KyVLP does not provide direct legal assistance and cannot make referrals to attorneys. It is intended to help the local pro bono programs recruit attorneys to do pro bono and make it easier for the attorneys to help those in need. To find the civil legal aid and pro bono program in your area, go to The KyVLP is a network of programs but there is only one staff attorney for statewide services. If you are unable to locate your local program(s), we are happy to assist you find your program or help you find other resources that may help you.


To be eligible for free or reduced fee legal assistance you must qualify based on income and the type of case. Many cases qualify but civil legal aid and pro bono programs still must turn away a many of those in need because they lack the staff, resources and funding to take the case. The website contains general legal information that may help you on a variety of legal areas. Many local librarians have been trained to assist those working through the legal websites. They cannot practice law but the librarians may help point you in the right direction for resource. You may also want to review the Links to other resources on this website.

The KyVLP is a program for CIVIL legal aid and it is NOT a program for assistance with criminal legal issues. If you have been appointed counsel because you have been charged with a crime or you had your children removed, the KyVLP is unable to assist you. Talk to your counsel or go through the program providing the legal representation.

Civil legal aid and pro bono programs are NOT permitted to help with some other types of cases too. For example, if you were hurt in an accident and you believe it was someone else’s fault, you may need a personal injury attorney. If you believe you were fired from your employment for an unlawful reason, you may need an employment law attorney. Many of these cases are considered to be “fee generating” meaning that the attorney fee can be received through the case outcome. The attorney may take a portion of the award or there may be a law that awards the attorney a fee from the other party or another source. If you do not know, feel free to contact the KyVLP however, and we’ll help direct you.

Finally, there are a few referral programs in Kentucky. These programs will take information about your case and then try to give you names of attorneys who practice that type of law. The programs do not keep all names of all attorneys so if they do not have an attorney in that area of law, that does not mean there are no attorneys to do that particular law. The referral programs are NOT for free or reduced fee representation. They are

  • Central Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service       859.225.8644
  • Northern Kentucky Lawyer Referral Service     859.781.1300
  • Kentucky Lawyer Referral Program                 502.583.1801

Kentucky Volunteer
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